2 week Turn-Around for Made-To-Order items

Bag & Accessory Care


Bag Details

Bags are made of a canvas material with a lining and pocket inside and one pocket on the outside with zipper. 

Care Instructions

Bags are spot clean only. We advise using Scotch Guard only on the canvas material bags not our BLACK bag, to help protect your bags from getting stained or dirty. Scotch Guard with the accessories removed. 

Do not put these bags in the washer, drier, or get them dry cleaned. Do not use bleach. Lay flat to dry. 

Do not leave accessories or the bags in heat or excessive sunlight. Remember when traveling with them, do not leave them in your hot car. 

Accessory Care

When applying and removing the accessories please be gentle. Our accessories are made from foam and are handmade.  They are not indestructible. 

Most accessories have sparkly foam on them and need to be cared for properly. 

Any excess amount of rubbing may cause the sparkles or other embellishments to come off over time.

Thank you! Feel free to contact us with any questions.